Using stock photography and other graphics is common practice in many business fields.

Stock images are used for blog posts, social media posts and profile headers, and anywhere else you are looking to use images in your business.

As a social media manager I use them for my client’s social media posts but when I went looking for some to get me started in my jewelry making business setup I just couldn’t find any.

So, why might you want to use stock images?

  1. You don’t have any of your own to use yet.
  2. You might not have the equipment or the technological know-how to create social media headers, blog post images, icons and so on so it is great to have some images that are fun, pretty and professional to start with.

  3. You have a blog post idea but no image.
  4. Perhaps it’s a topic that you feel you need to write but you either don’t have time to get an image together or you don’t know what image to use.

    Stock images are great to have on hand for general use so you aren’t left scrambling after writing that passionate post.

  5. You don’t know what to post on social media.
  6. Having some simple images to throw a creative quote or saying on is a simple solution to social media block.

    Images reach more people, are easy to share and leave an impression.

    Not sold on images and their importance yet? Here are a couple of articles to convince you:

    19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content In Your Marketing Data by Hubspot


    Photos Generate Social Media Engagement by Social Media Examiner

    Of course there are more scientific studies but I don’t want to bore you.

  7. “Oops” I’m Unprepared Content.
  8. Uh oh, you meant to publish a post or forgot to post something to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

    No problem! You have a back up arsenal of images you got as stock, throw a quote or saying on there, request a caption, pull some colours from it to create a colour pallet idea…

    There are so many options you can get from one image. Having stock images as a back up is great when you face situations beyond your control or just plain old forgot to prepare.

TIP: Not a techy?! No problem! Canva has the sizes all ready for you. Simply choose what type of image you are making (ie Facebook header, social media post, etc…), upload your image, size it, add some text and voila!