In my last post I talked about Why I Hate Facebook but I also mentioned that there are ways to reach your audience on Facebook.

So here are 8 ways (plus a bonus tip) to use Facebook to reach more people organically (without paying for ads).

  1. Create and post engaging and useful content.

  2. This can be educational blog posts, articles or other formats, humorous videos or images, polls or questions and so on.

    This is key.

    As you are trying to build a following they should find content they want to read and share on your Facebook page or they aren’t likely to hit like or increase your reach by sharing your posts with their friends, family and fans.

  3. Always include images.

  4. Whether it’s an image with your blog post or a stand-alone image, always make sure you use a clear, professional photograph or graphic.

    Sometimes you will want to share a link to someone else’s blog post, website or article and find that they haven’t set an image for sharing or that the image showing up doesn’t reflect the post. In this case you can use an image from their site as you are promoting them, not claiming anything as your own, or you can use your own stock image.

    Now for images you will need two things.

    First you need a place to find stock images.

    There are a lot of sites with free and paid stock images and although paid is better, you likely didn’t budget for stock images when starting out.

    I use Pixabay for free stock images. They have a large selection of photographs, graphics and even video footage.

    The second thing you need is an image editor.

    Without a doubt, not everyone is a graphics guru who uses Photoshop every day and to be honest even graphics folks use other tools.

    I’m not referring to other Adobe tools but to simpler tools like Canva.

    I use Photoshop for larger jobs but for daily Facebook images I use Canva.

  5. Use keywords.

  6. When adding images and writing descriptions remember to include your chosen keywords.

    Google doesn’t just pull your website when someone searches for you, your business or your keywords but your social media profiles too.

    Google Screenshot of Search

    Even more important is that people are using Facebook to search for your keywords too and when they do your posts should be easy to find.

    Facebook search for Etobicoke Veterinarian

    You can see in this example above that I chose 2 keywords and 3 pages showed up. None of which use that exact keyword combination in their name.

    Don’t forget to include your keywords in your pages description areas too.

  7. Include hashtags.

  8. Although hashtags (#hashtag) aren’t a hugely needed element to have your posts found, if you use a popular hashtag it can increase your post’s reach.

    For example, #AdoptDontShop is a popular enough hashtag in the animal welfare industry to increase the organic reach of my client’s posts.

    This page has 112 likes but by using a popular hashtag they were able to reach 130 people instead of their normal 68.

    Tip: If you have a large following or decide to pay for ads or boost posts, you could create your own hashtag but this doesn’t guarantee that it will become popular, that will depend on your campaign.

  9. “Ask and you shall receive.”

  10. It’s okay to use calls to action (CTAs) like “share if you agree” and “share with someone who needs this”.

    In fact, if you ask for a click or share you are more likely to get it than if you don’t ask at all.

    This is a great example of a well converting Facebook post.

    They give instructions on how to answer their call to action, involve a fan by using their photo and thanking them publicly and by promising response.

  11. Like other pages.

  12. When first starting your page it’s a good idea to search for pages in your industry and pages that post relevant content to your audience and like them.

    Then when looking for content to share you can look at your page’s feed to see if any of those pages have posted new, useful and engaging content.

    When you share a page’s post they get a notification, just as you would when someone shares your post.

    This gives the page’s manager the opportunity to check out your page and content to see if it is of interest to their audience.

    When a page manager knows that you post content that is great for them to share, they likely will.

    This means that your content reaches a portion of their fans which increases your page’s reach.

    If you have a large audience there are businesses that will pay to sponsor a post on your page, so keep growing.

  13. Join groups.

  14. Facebook groups are a great way for you to stay up to date in your industry and to connect with your audience.

    Some business groups include share links or self-promotion days.

    Sometimes you will also find self-interest groups that allow you to share and connect.

    For example, I am part of an ADHD group that has a self-promotion day every Friday.

    Groups can also be a great way to get feedback and ask questions to help move you forward.

  15. Use page insights.

  16. When you have reached 30 likes on your page, Facebook will give you access to you page Insights.

    There is a lot to look at in Insights but the main thing to start with is your posting times:

    When you have reached 30 likes you will gain access to your page Insights.

    Facebook will update the best posting times graph weekly, if not daily, so check it before scheduling posts to see when you will have the best chances at reaching the largest number of your fans.

Bonus Tip:

This isn’t a tip to use on Facebook but rather a way to drive people to your Facebook page.

Make sure you add your social media profiles to your website, business cards, newsletters, and in the signature of your business emails and forum posts (where allowed).

The more places your have for people to find you and connect with you the more chances there are for you to get a new like, email sign up, follow and client.

dividing line

So as you can tell Facebook may not be a walk by the lake but it’s not impossible to work with.

You may eventually find that Facebook isn’t the highest converting social platform for your business but you should still maintain your presence on it.

Good luck and happy posting!

If you have any questions about Facebook and organic reach leave me a comment below.

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