Yay it’s Canada Day! Okay so maybe that’s not why I’m excited. I’m excited because it’s Bo’s 11th birthday (He’s the handsome, old bugger in the pic above) and because it’s officially the launch of Psyche Creations.

So I thought I would celebrate by giving you a ton of Canada Day handmade inspiration to look at from great Etsy shops. All items are made in Canada. Enjoy!

For more information on the giveaway and to find out how to enter you will have to make it through the post 😉

P.S. Each item opens in a new tab.

Let’s start with some Canada Day photo fun:

Photobooth Canada Day Accessories

Some Canada Day scrapbook elements to remember the fun day:

Canada Day Clipart for Scrapbooking

Canada Day Scrapbooking Papers 1

Canada Day Scarpbooking Papers 2

July 15th is National Give Something Away Day

A charm For jewelry makers:

Canadian Maple Leaf Canada Silver Charm

For Crafters:

Made In Canada Stamp

Made In Canada Push Mold

For your Canadian home decor:

Canada True North Strong and Free Art

Giveaway Day 2

Plaid Map of Canada Art

Painted Mountains Art

Canada Find Your True North

Vintage Canadian Stamp Pillow


giveaway winnings

Made In Canada Onsie

Canada Flag Baby Drool Bib

For the wine lovers:

Canada Flag Wine Bag

Canada Wine Glass Charms

Jewelry to show your love for Canada:

HorseShoe Canadian Maple Leaf Charm

Wooden Maple Leaf Earrings

Yellow Jade Maple Leaf Necklace

Red Copper Maple Leaf Necklace

Giveaway Day 4

Red Wrap Maple Leaf Bracelet

Silver Maple Leaf Earrings

Copper Penny Bracelet

Penny Necklace

Giveaway Day 5

A nice card to send someone to make them jealous that you live in Canada:

Canadian Maple Leaf card