Choosing a name is actually really, really hard.

At first the thought process goes something like:

“Hey, I like birds, bees, puppies and kittens. Maybe I should pick something cutesy.”

Then your business mind kicks in. That sounds so silly, you might think.

Then you think about descriptive words for your handmade goods like, unique, sophisticated, pretty, classy and elegant.

Once you start that process you may start to realize that all of the words you would think of using are so common that they are probably already being used.

Sadly, you would be right.

So what can you do?

Well, I would first like to point out that you are a creative being.

So when it comes to naming your handmade business you will have to use that cute, creative noggin of yours and find new words, new word combinations and new ways to brand.

An easy fall back is to use your name.

If your name is not too common that could work. So you don’t need to think any further.

Unless, of course, your name is common, you use it for other types of work, you want your business to be able to grow as a separate entity from yourself or if you just want a more creative name.

So if all of the common words and names are taken what can you do?

Well you can try words in different languages, find new ways to describe something, find names that were taken but never used, and find new combinations of favourite words.

But there are some rules.

  1. Make sure the name you choose is easy to spell and easy to remember.
  2. If the name isn’t easy to spell and remember then you could have trouble getting people coming to your site or shop.
    They might find it through other keywords or ads or listings but what about spreading the word verbally to others?
    Hard to remember the shop or artist name when you can’t pronounce it or remember it.

  3. Make sure the domain and the social media handles are available.
  4. There are a couple of tools that can help you do this.
    The first is NameCHK and the second is KnowEm.
    Both platforms will search for available domain names, social media handles and more. NameCHK actually checks Etsy too.

  5. Make sure you love it!
  6. Honestly, I have named a few businesses and kept coming back to using my name.

    Until now.

    I hated the first one I had picked and the second time I chose one it was because I got frustrated with everything else being taken.

    This time I spent hours going through words, languages, animals, lists, etc….

    I was determined to find the right name.

    If you don’t love the name you choose you will have a harder time branding it and be a bit embarrassed to share it.

    It is worth it to spend the time to find the perfect name for your handmade business!!

Tell me, have you spent hours looking for the right name? Do you have a business name that you love?