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If you haven’t heard of Evernote (affiliate link), Trello, or Asana, then you are in for an organizational treat!

The title is a bit misleading in thinking that just one of these free apps can help you organize your life and business because you may find it useful to use two or even all three.

What is Evernote?

Evernote (affiliate link) is like carrying a digital binder around with you to collect every memory, note, sound, idea, image….everything! In organized binders.

You can even encrypt information, share information (encrypted or not), have collaborative notebooks for your family vacations, budgets, passwords, anything.

You can save screenshots of webpages, pdfs can be saved directly into Evernote (affiliate link), annotated and even searched by the words on the pdf.

Use tags to group notes by topic, link notes to each other with hyperlinks, record your thoughts via voice or text, save images, and so much more.

Evernote (affiliate link) is a great way to keep your life organized.

There is a free version and a paid version.

What is Trello?

Trello is a great tool for content planning.

You can create lists of content topics such as blog posts and then create columns for each step of the way and move them along as you complete them.

Although, like Evernote you can collect images, links, and create checklists, you can’t save screenshots directly but you can attach files to an item in a list.

Trello is great for keeping track of specific projects along a linear path.

Trello is free but does have paid upgrade options.

What is Asana?

Asana has many aspects of both Evernote and Trello but is definitely a more robust organizational platform.

You can create checklists, upload files, create a “notebook” for each business, and use calendars.

You can get Asana for free.


All three platforms are good for businesses.

You can add and share with employees, contractors, partners, and clients. You can have conversations with them in chats or back and forth comments.

Which one you use will depend on your business needs.

I find each one useful for different things.

I use Evernote for my bullet journal and daily brain purges, Trello for tracking content creation such as blog posts and website pages, and Asana for client work tracking including interactions.

You can try each of them and see how they might serve you in your life and business.

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