EDIT: It sadly seems that GoDaddy’s service is going downhill so my clients and I have been removing our sites and domains from GoDaddy in favour of Web Hosting Canada.

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So you need a website to represent your business online but you don’t know where to start.

That’s where GoDaddy comes in.

GoDaddy offers you a domain name (www.yourwebsite.ca), the hosting for your website (the web space so others can see your site), your business email (yourname@yourwebsite.ca) and even your security certificate (SSL or https and the lock image in the address bar).

All of these things are basic needs when starting the online presence of your business and I can’t recommend anyone better than GoDaddy to be your partner in this endeavor.

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24/7 Customer Service

I often find myself working online at night and if you have limited time in your day to work on your business you may find yourself working late at night too.

There have been a few times when I was fiddling around with my website or setting up a new website and I had a problem.

But the awesome thing is that you don’t have to wait! GoDaddy has customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Happy and Helpful Customer Service Reps

Yes, I’ve mentioned the 24 hours, 7 days a week availability but the best part is that the customer service representatives are always happy and helpful.

You can joke with them, have a bit of a chuckle, be entirely honest and still get the outcome you need because they hire awesome people.

These awesome people are well trained and can walk you through almost any issue you may be having and when that one person can’t another representative can.

The representatives communicate clearly and will always tell you if something will take a bit of time.

If you have a problem that turns out not to be directly related to GoDaddy, they may even go as far to help you Google it and sort it out. I know because one awesome representative did so with me!

One Stop Shop = Better Value

Some places may sell domain names cheaper but then you would have to point that domain name to your host and get help setting up your email.

With GoDaddy, you can buy your domain, your hosting, your email and your security certificate in one neat little package or in separate more appropriate packages but still have access to all of them in a single customer dashboard.

Don’t forget that GoDaddy customer service representatives are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you figure out what you need, purchase it and set it up 😉

Easy Website Hosting Set Up

But if you get their WordPress hosting with your domain name then setup is very easy. You don’t have to learn CPanel or change DNS settings.

You simply click manage from your WordPress hosting option in your customer dashboard through GoDaddy, then select setup then it will walk you through the steps including selecting your domain name to connect with your WordPress hosting.

Something more complicated like setting up your email or security certificate? Call the awesome GoDaddy customer service representatives!

Great Up Time

GoDaddy boasts a 99% uptime rate.

What does that mean?

It means that they keep their servers running and have everything backed up to keep your website running smoothly for everyone to see even if there’s a problem on their end.

That’s not to say that they are perfect.

There is that 1% after all.

But you can be sure that if something isn’t working they are already working on it.

NOTE: To check their uptime go here: UpTime.com.

They Are Always Improving.

WordPress now powers an estimated 26% of websites from personal blogs to big corporate businesses and it’s important to GoDaddy to continue improving on their WordPress hosting services.

They offer how-to training videos right in your WordPress dashboard, and now they offer you a dashboard where you can manage all the updates for multiple WordPress websites and they are always looking for ways to improve.

GoDaddy offers a lot of services to help you get your site up and running smoothly but sometimes you just want a friendly, knowledgeable hand to design your site, install your plugins and get it all just right.

That’s where Teach Me Social comes in.

At Teach Me Social, we offer a whole selection of digital media services, including helping set up, create and manage your website, email campaigns, and advertising.

Contact us via Teach Me Social or for questions concerning web hosting and WordPress you can also contact me using the form here: Contact Amanda.