To be entirely honest, I’m not a big fan of skulls and bones or gore.

I’m not squeamish but I guess I just don’t like the idea of glorifying pain.

However, knowing that some people like skulls I have at least included some skull beads in this list of Etsy Halloween beading supplies.

Just click on the images to see them on Etsy.

Ok, let’s start with charms, cabochons (k or sh?), and pendants.

These adorable pumpkin charms are good for Fall all around not just Halloween. I absolutely love these!

pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, more pumpkins?

Who doesn’t need an assortment of Halloween charms and pendants for their seasonal pieces?!

Witch hats, brooms, witch shoes, bat connectors, skull sliders, oh my!

Before getting into beads I just had to share this beautiful cabochon, not sure if it’s pronounced cabokon or caboshon but hey, it’s still beautiful!

Now how about some accent beads to make your Halloween pieces pop?!

This glass mix is sure to get your creativity moving!

These matte black beads are perfect for accenting a bright orange piece of jewelry or maybe you are going for a black on black look?

Orange crystals and assorted shapes can really made your Halloween (or Fall) piece feel vibrant and fun.

Lastly, what is Halloween without candy corn? Nothing, right, nothing! So here are some beads to complete your Halloween look: