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Over 20 years ago my mom started selling Avon. As a mother of 3, this helped greatly with her cash flow as it helped her afford groceries in between other paychecks and gave her a focus beyond the responsibilities of motherhood.

I eventually became an Avon rep myself and made some good bonuses as a leader but eventually went back to supporting my mom’s business by selling for her.

Everyone who has tried working an MLM has a story or either failure, giving up, a moderate success, or wild success.

It really is about the effort you put into it.

Let’s explore MLMs in more detail:

What types of MLMs are there?

When you think of an MLM you likely think of the most common names such as Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware.

Those physical product based MLMs are awesome but there’s more than just beauty and storage containers to choose from.

Did you know that fitness company Beachbody is an MLM? Or have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Link)? How about Epicure?

Beachbody sells access to tons of workout programs and challenges to suit all level of fitness as well as shakes and food containers.

Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Link) is a business that teaches you how to create online stores with other people’s products and even gives you the hosting you need to do so.

Epicure sells spices, cooking supplies and offers recipes.

There are MLMs for essential oils, candles, clothes, jewelry, makeup, skin care, food, workout programs, courses, scrapbooking supplies, and I’m sure more that I’m not even aware of.

The range of MLM options grows constantly, while just like any business, some don’t last.

What makes an MLM a good business option?

Multi-level marketing companies put a lot of testing and planning into creating these out of the box business solutions for would-be entrepreneurs.

They test the business model and plan out what you would need to successfully, not only sell their products but also how to make money for yourself from them.

Areas they address are:

Customer Service Support

Multi-level marketing companies hire customer service agents to help you and your customers with product questions or complaints, so you don’t have to know absolutely everything about every product and if you aren’t available the customer has another person to call with product or service related questions.

Advertising Assistance/Guidance

They often supply graphics to post on social media, links and sometimes email campaigns to share. They also spend money on advertising campaigns to build brand awareness so that people start looking for a nearby rep to purchase from.

Some also supply websites for their representatives so that customers can purchase from you online and have the products shipped directly to their home without you needing to do anything.

Representative Training

Videos, in-person workshops, webinars, guides, and even courses are used by MLMs to help train their representatives on how to run their business, sell their products, and grow profitably.

Pre-Tested Products

Instead of having to find and test the products before you can sell them, you are getting pre-tested and fully researched products that come with return policies and sometimes, guarantees. Saving you a lot of time and headaches.

Trips and Prizes

Avon has trips for their high-level achievers. Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Link) has a Los Vegas trip. And some of you may remember the whole Mary Kay car that some reps achieved.

Each MLM provides their own incentives to encourage their reps to sell more, to achieve more, and to build great, successful businesses.


Lastly, being a part of an MLM is a chance to be a part of a community of other sellers. A community isn’t about competition (although, a little healthy competition isn’t bad), it’s about connecting with other business owners to offer support, teamwork, and the chance to connect with like-minded people.

How can an MLM fit into your life?

How an MLM fits into your life will depend greatly on the type of lifestyle you are trying to achieve and the type of MLM that will be most beneficial to you.

If you are looking for a business that allows you to get out and meet new people or host parties in your own home, you might consider ones like Sweet Legs, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and other physical product based MLMs.

If you are looking for more location freedom then you will want an MLM that people can order online through, instead of needing to have you in person, such as, Avon, DoTerra, and Beachbody.

Yet, if you are looking for even more location independence then you are looking for a company that doesn’t limit you to selling within one country. Beachbody covers the US, UK, and Canada and Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Link) can be used just about anywhere in the world.

What MLMs have I tried, researched, and will try?

As I said in my opening, I grew up on Avon and have sold it myself. I still support my mom’s Avon business.In fact, if you live in Canada and are interested in joining our team you can fill out this form on my website: .

I have looked at companies such as Sweet Legs and Regal. I’ve had a friend sell Scentsy and I have explored a new wine MLM. Yes, you heard that right, a wine MLM. I currently do the Beachbody workouts and am exploring the possibilities of their program.

I am also, currently looking into Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Link) which provides training and website hosting to start selling other people’s products. This is something I already do on my own, so I find their offering to be a great addition to my business.

Final Assessment:

MLMs aren’t just perfume anymore. They offer so many different physical and digital product types and many different sales methods.

What they have in common is the work they do for you in building brand recognition and the effort they make to support their representatives.

In short, if you are looking for a ready-made business to get started with, MLMs could be the perfect solution for you.

Just a pic below of my mom and I doing a job fair event together in 2017.

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