When I was 13 years old my mother started selling Avon. She used some of these ideas with my school and still has customers at my school and others 20 years later.

So don’t leave school out because you are shy or afraid, it’s your business and school is just another place that you frequent and connect with.

Here are 5 ideas you can try to connect your Avon business to your child’s school and build new customer relationships:

  1. Use that side pocket on their backpack.
  2. Sure they could fill it up with rocks, leaves and whatever else they find but you could also talk to them about using that pocket for an Avon book and tell them that if a teacher, bus driver or other adults they know asks for it, they can have it.

    This conversation may include a bit about how the book helps Mommy to make money for fun things.

  3. Give Avon products as teacher gifts.
  4. It’s Christmas or the end of the school year and you don’t know what to give the teacher.

    Avon has a huge selection to choose from.

    Bubble bath, body wash, a watch, cologne, another mug to add to their likely large collection, and more.

    Use the products you have around or order something new to have on hand for just this sort of occasion.

  5. Ask if you can leave some Avon books with the secretaries in the office.
  6. Taking your child to school? Why not stop by the office and leave some books with the front office staff?!

    Bringing your child in late to the attendance monitor after an appointment? Ask them if you could leave some books with them for the teachers to see.

    If you don’t ask it’s always a no.

  7. Do a fundraiser.
  8. Is your child’s school working a grade 8 trip or some new gym equipment? You can help.

    You purchase the products from Avon, price them at your retail price then donate the portion you would keep after paying your Avon account.

    This allows you to get your name and business out there to find new customers so even though you won’t make a profit you are investing in your business for a good cause.

    To find fundraising information:
    Sign in to your account and under the Info Center menu option select Sales Support. Under the first column, you will find the link to fundraising information.

    Bonus: If your child’s school doesn’t have any community events like group garage or bake sales suggest them as a fundraising event and see if you can set up a table of Avon to help with the fundraising efforts.

  9. Buy Avon clothes, toys and kids accessories for your child.
  10. Sparkling shoes, cute clothes, backpacks and more, now Avon has things for your kids too.

    So why not get them on board with new Avon products to show off to their friends who in turn ask their parents for the same thing which of course they can get through you.

    Your child can even show it to them in the Avon book they carry in the pocket of their backpack and send the book home to their friend’s parents.

I’m sure as a creative business owner you can come up with more ways to bring your children and their school on board with your Avon business.

If you have an idea to add please share it in the comments below!

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