So this post is a bit different. It’s not a how-to or a list of ideas. It’s a post of intent. It’s the first post to introduce the journey I am on to build a niche site.

What is a Niche Site?

A niche site is a website that caters to a more specific area of interest. For example, Pat Flynn wrote about building a niche site for Security Guard Training.

My niche site is a little broader to start and that is a crafters community. Psyche Creations started as a brand to sell my old over stock and my handmade jewelry. But as always I had bigger dreams.

Psyche Creations focuses on helping handmade product makers build a business with their passion. It also has a small bead shop just for Canadians, I will be growing this in the future but it may not stay on Psyche Creations.

The goal and focus of Psyche Creations is education and community.

So here we go.

In September I am now looking to drive traffic. I am currently posting regularly to but need to spread the word. I also will be looking to boost traffic to this blog so it will be a combined effort.

The first thing I have tried was blogging once a week. Although I fell behind on this blog I have kept it up on Psyche Creations. This has been good but still isn’t getting any real responses.

A part of the blog posting and page creating that I had ignored from the beginning was the Search Engine Optimization. Although I knew the importance of SEO I found the process to be boring so kept putting it off.

I will therefore be completing the SEO for all pages and older posts and make the SEO process on new posts a must.

Twitter Posting Strategy

So I will be trying a Twitter posting strategy that was outlined in a blog post by BufferApp.

This includes:

  • Taking every blog post from both blogs and creating 2 alternate titles for each so that I have 3 tweets ready for the same blog post.
  • Posting 2 of these posts per day. The Buffer blog post writer recommends starting with posting between 12pm and 1pm and again around 4pm. I say starting because the times for your audience may be different. I will better be able to judge this over time.
  • Including at least 1 hashtag per post and an image.
  • Retweet or Tweet another link, image or quote live each day (not scheduled in Buffer so you are actually on the platform).
  • Respond to any comments, messages, etc.

I have already started this as of today September 1st, 2016 so I will revisit it on October 1st to see how well it has worked.

Twitter Chats

The next idea I have already begun trying is to join in on Twitter chats.

A Twitter chat is a bunch of people conversing on Twitter around a topic represented by a #hashtag. This #hashtag makes it easier to follow the conversation.

On August 21st I joined in for #blogchat and I enjoyed it. I found it was fast paced and a couple of times it felt a little overwhelming but I tried to add as much value as I could.

This first attempt at joining a Twitter chat brought my followers up from 677 to 700 in just one hour. I have since reached 712.

I look forward to continuing to join #blogchat and to find other chats to try out.

Landing Pages

I have been creating lazy landing pages on my two WordPress websites but it’s about time that I stepped those up.

I will be testing some free landing page options first and will report back on how well they work and how easy (or hard) each one is to use.

This may seem like a lot to do in a month but really it’s just the tip of the ice berg. I will also be measuring all of my stats prior to testing these areas and will share the changes in my update posts.

This doesn’t cover the keyword research, the social media account setups, the website building, the branding (still working on it), and so many other setup steps.

As I have already done some of these things they won’t be included in this testing manner but instead will become separate blog posts.

Do you have any questions or suggestions as I build out my first niche site and this blog?

If you know someone who would find these experiments useful feel free to share it with them!