So crazy me, I agreed to do a handmade show then assumed that I wouldn’t be accepted.

Why did I assume that I wouldn’t be accepted?

Well, I know that many handmade shows require the artist to have built a solid fan base of fans and customers and a polished brand, as well as good product images.

I have none of these things.

So naturally, I assumed that I wouldn’t be approved.

I was wrong.

Turns out that for this show, that didn’t matter.

The location has great foot traffic, so all that was needed was having a polished look and products that weren’t exactly the same as everyone else.

I am still crazy for saying yes!

I don’t have a polished brand. I don’t have anything made for the show. I don’t have signs, tags, or business cards.

What I do have is 3 weeks to create all of that on a $0 budget.

Want to see how I do?

Me too…..

I have decided to write about it here as I go.

The Countdown is on!

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