Well I ended up taking a week off from blog writing which then turned into a block but I did continue the posts to Twitter.

I don’t mean writer’s block as I had tons of ideas floating around my head but I just couldn’t get into the writing groove. I just didn’t feel like writing.

So I am still working on new blog posts for Psyche Creations but posted one for this site.

This created a bit of a problem in my Twitter testing.

I didn’t have enough posts to complete the entire month of posting 2 posts a day.

I did as planned and created a Google Spreadsheet and created 2 extra titles for each post but halfway through the month I had used them up.

The other challenge was that it was on brand for me to share some of Psyche Creation’s blog posts under Amanda Lynne Murtagh but not many of the posts for Amanda Lynne Murtagh were on brand to be shared by Psyche Creations.

Takeaway: I need to write a lot more blog posts.

Twitter Challenge 2

The other challenge I had was that there really don’t seem to be a lot of Canadian crafters on Twitter.

I found Twitter chats for the UK and even the US but when I even tried to start my own I found that Canadian Beaders weren’t really using Twitter at all. They didn’t even seem to understand much about the platform.

I am still enjoying Twitter chats for Amanda Lynne Murtagh on blogging and social media but I certainly won’t find my target market on there.

Takeaway: It can be great for inspiration and connecting within the marketing and blogging fields but not so much for growing my audiences.


AmandaLynneMurtagh.com: Followers: 743
August 1st to 31st 2016 from Twitter: 0 people
September 1st to 21st 2016 from Twitter: 4 people (but 21 people from Facebook)

PsycheCreations.ca: Followers: 24
August 1st to 31st 2016 from Twitter: 32 people
September 1st to 21st 2016 from Twitter: 2 people

These stats makes my efforts on Twitter pointless.

I have yet to try the landing pages out but will be getting to that next!

Have you worked with Twitter? Did you find that it worked to grow your audience?

You can find part one here: My Journey to Build a Niche Site