For the first post in this series: My Journey to My First Handmade Show

You can find the 2nd post in this series here: Preparing for my first Handmade Show 2

I have failed.

Ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic, especially since I didn’t fail at the artisan fair….I still have 19 days to get ready.

But, I did fail at the $0 budget.

I have so far paid $50 for my table, $60 for more beads, $20 for display stuff, and have another $25 to pay for my second show less than a week after the first.

This puts me at a current grand total of approximately $155 out of a $0 budget. That means that the money had to come from elsewhere….like borrowing and canceling other business expenses.

Ok, So What About the Show?!

After my initial panic wore off I pulled out ALL of my jewelry making supplies.

Yup. Now they’re everywhere! (I have no table space to work on so I’ve had to pull out a casserole dish,
put some felt material down and work in it on my couch.)

So of course after panic came overwhelm. I probably shouldn’t have just pulled everything out…

Next came some sorting and pulling out of projects I had always planned but never completed.

Then came picking out all the colours that I wanted to focus on for the show. Those colours being reds, greens, silvers/grays, black, gold, and whites/creams.

I should mention at this point that I still had no freakin’ clue what I was doing.

Let the brainstorming begin!

I realized at that point that I just had to start making something to get my mind going in the direction I needed it to.

So I made this:

Yup. I hate it…..

However, it did give me other ideas…just not the ones I needed right now.

So What Did I Do Next?

I went to my all-time favourite place: PINTEREST!

I looked up holiday jewelry ideas and of course ended up watching some YouTube videos. In the end, I had a great, big, fantastic idea.

I knew that the first location was very big on kids, (Oak Learners is a tutoring and special education school for kids.) so I decided that half a table of beaded beads for them to pick and choose would be awesome!

Until I started making beaded beads. Then started getting ideas about how to use them. Then realized that I needed more beads….

Yup, I hate these too.

Here is a picture of some of my first tries, and I’m not so keen on them either.

A sneak peak into some possible new products for my very first artisan fair. #handmadejewelry #handmade #madebyhand #beads

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I’m keeping the ones I’m making now a secret though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next Up The Table Display.

No pictures here yet but at the dollar store I grabbed some things to create the table skirt and cloth, as well as silver paint, and a little container to hold the beaded beads.

Also coming but not yet paid for are 3 black velvet fold down necklace displays to flank the white one you see in the first picture above.

Today I pulled out my Christmas decorations and when going to grab a paint brush I found that I had a bunch of unpainted wooden boxes.

Lots of great table display ideas coming right up!

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You can find the first post here: My Journey to My First Handmade Show

You can find the second post here: Preparing for My First Handmade Show 2

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