Naturally the first thing you consider when choosing a practice piece is trying a new technique.

For some, it may be that simple.

For others it’s a lot more than just a new stitch.

You get to try a new stitch or two (3 if you’re advanced or daring) but there’s more to practicing than mastering that technique.

As you work you have to untangle unwanted knots and we all know how trying that can be!

When you end a thread and add another you get to practice tying knots instead.

While stitching you may use someone else’s pattern so you practice pattern reading.

But patience is an even bigger part of practice!

While untangling knots you have to practice patience (and control) to convince yourself not to grab your damn wire cutters and cut it all to pieces.

While tying knots you have to swear calmly under your breath when the knot doesn’t hold.

And when you mess up the pattern and spend the next hour taking it apart you practice patience with yourself and convince yourself not to give up when all you feel like doing is screaming and throwing it across the room.

Bigger yet is what you practice before even starting to create a likely unsalable practice piece.

You give yourself permission to push your inner perfectionist aside and simply enjoy the process.