For those who missed the introduction to this post series you can find it here: My Journey to My First Handmade Show

So after paying for my table at this show the first thing I did was have an anxiety attack.

Yes, an anxiety attack.

I called my mom and friends. I posted to a great group of other jewelry makers on Facebook. I reached out to decrease my panic.

Why have an anxiety attack for something you want to do?

Those that don’t suffer from anxiety may not understand why I had an anxiety attack. But it was really more than just having anxiety.

I have done shows and events for my Avon business and for my website and social media work. Those are far less personal than doing a show for my art.

I was also panicking because I agreed to do a show that I had nothing ready for and no room for further investment in supplies. This means that I can only use what I have. Which is actually a lot.

I never have enough!

No matter how many supplies I have or buy I will always come up with an idea that I don’t have all the components for. As you can imagine, this means that I always need more materials.

Unfortunately this time I don’t have the extra budget to buy new materials, packaging, display items, or other event stuff.

This is going to get interesting!

So now I get to plan, start creating, envisioning an end product, and hoping like hell that I can bring it all together in time.

Stay tuned for the next post when I tell you what I have decided to create for my first show.

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