is huge! Okay, maybe not as big as Amazon but as I once read;

“On the whole, is better for used items and Amazon is better for new.”

Although this statement isn’t accurate it does give you an impression of each platform and the audiences they are more likely to attract.

What is ?

Peter Omidyar built as an auction site in 1995. The site was called Auction Web and his business was called Echo Bay so he purchased the domain

became the go to site for selling used items that people no longer needed or wanted.

has since evolved to include items sold with a set price and even full shops of products.

One big thing that still remains part of the brand though?

is still all about deals.

This is a big deal for those making and selling handmade items.

The Pros of for Handmade Products?

has great numbers that would tempt anyone with a product to sell to list their items on their platform.

As of January 27, 2016 has 162 million active users and in 2015 they sold a grand merchandise volume of $82 billion.

These numbers certainly make one feel like they stand a chance at selling their handmade products as one of only 25 million sellers.

The Cons to Selling Handmade Products on ?

Sadly though, the cons are bigger when it comes to selling handmade goods on .

Firstly there’s the seller fees.

Unlike Etsy the first 50 items you like to auction are free and each listing after that is $.30CAN which is comparable to Etsy $.20US.

But also takes 10% of the final sale where Etsy only takes 3.5%.

also charges you extra to add a subtitle, bold text and more images to your listing.

If you want a shop on you will be looking at a subscription starting at $24.95 per month.

NOTE: Don’t forget your PayPal fees too!

Next on the cons comes back to the whole “deals” branding.

People shopping on are looking for sales not full price items (collectors items may be an exception).

Here are 2 examples of items being marked down for shoppers:

Australian Blue Boulder Pendant Etsy

Rainbow Crochet Bead Necklace Etsy

Please buy from Etsy if you like one of these items 😀

If you Google about whether or not you should sell your handmade items on the most common response you will see is “it depends on what you are selling”.

is largely over saturated with Chinese sellers selling items for as low as a penny with free shipping.

Maybe fabric items will sell better, but how low are you willing to sell them for?

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Now don’t get me wrong! I am an buyer and it’s fun to find new pendants and other jewelry making components on eBay but often times I find that the quality of items I buy are better left for practice pieces than final products.

I also tested the waters of years ago with a beaded choker. I loved the gray glass pearls and the moving crystals inside the pendant so I decided to list it as a best offer request. All I got was someone messaging me with an offer that didn’t even cover costs while stating that they wanted to take it apart.

As an artist I was insulted.

As an artist I have more respect for other artists and am excited by other platforms, like Etsy, that support them.

I will be reviewing other handmade marketplaces with Etsy being next at the end of July.

Have you tried selling your handmade goods on ?

I would love to hear your experiences! Comment below and share this post with other artists.