I may have an Irish last name (Murtagh) but I’ve never actually been to Ireland. However, I like everyone else, loves the spirit of St Patrick’s Day. Drink, be merry and everyone is Irish for a day.

The one thing I don’t like when looking through products for this celebration is the rape culture that is strewn across t-shirts. You know the ones – kiss me I’m drunk and so on. Kinda embarrassing really.

Please never kiss or even touch someone without their consent. Sober or drunk!

Otherwise, here are some nice St Patrick’s Day shirts, beading supplies, scrapbooking papers and more.


Design Idea – Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads and Sterling Silver Celtic Drops from Fire Mountain Gems.

Find Celtic and Irish Jewelry Making supplies from Fire Mountain Gems













Only 1 available:























These lovely, simple necklaces are a classy way to show your Irish spirit:


















Looking to make chocolates or wee travel soaps? This mold is for you:






















Every year St Patrick’s Day seems to be kinda cold so how about this long sleeve shirt?!





















Looking for a special handmade card to give? This hand cut card is perfect!!















And for the scrapbookers out there how about some St Patrick’s Day themed papers?