Yes, I'm a social media manager and I hate Facebook.

Yes, I’m a social media manager and I hate Facebook.

Yup, I said it.


I know I’m a social media manager and that I help clients with Facebook but that doesn’t mean that I have to love the platform, it simply means that I have to know and understand the platform.

Over time Facebook has been making their platform harder for small businesses and entrepreneurs who can’t yet afford to pay to reach their audience.

Even those that can got annoyed when Facebook began dropping their organic (unpaid) reach that they had built up over the course of months, even years.

I understand that Facebook needs to make money but so do those just starting businesses. So do artists, writers and coaches. How can you pay Facebook when you can’t yet pay yourself?

Now don’t get me wrong. Organic reach isn’t impossible, it’s just become harder.

Facebook sets the terms.

If you post video Facebook allows it to reach more people. If you post images with text it reaches more people, without text, less people. If you post all text or anything promotional…well, good luck!

What about scheduling posts?

If you have at least 30 likes to your business page then you get access to “Insights”.

But if you have ever tried using them to schedule posts so you know you won’t miss the best posting time then you would know that Facebook changes these times almost daily, even if you have posts already scheduled.

At least they have for me.

This makes it hard to schedule posts, meaning that the most effective way if you are following their insights is to check the times daily, even more than once a day.

Then there’s the newsfeed algorithm.

So you like all of these pages and people you want to see updates from. You have say, 100 friends and family and you want to see their updates too.

Now obviously seeing all of these updates at once or in the top part of your newsfeed is impossible.

But that doesn’t mean that you want some pages and people silenced but unless you are viewing most recent posts and happen to be on when they post, chances are you are seeing just a tiny portion of the pages, people and family you want to see.

Sure maybe this declutters things a bit for you but what if those page updates you are missing are for causes and not-for-profits you are passionate about.

Yup even they are losing organic reach.

Now Facebook is trying to urge us to share more of our personal information.

So if businesses are only reaching lots of people by paying and Facebook wants to make things more personal, why do businesses still bother with Facebook?

Well that’s easy.

Because the majority (by a large margin) of people are using Facebook more than any other social media platform.

That’s why Facebook can be in charge.

So to build a platform of email subscribers, clients and fans don’t just count on Facebook (or Google). Find whatever platforms (other than Facebook) your audience uses and use them too.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes.

Those that got the most for free from Facebook before all of the changes saw a big decline.

Splintering your focus to more than one platform may seem like a lot, and really it is a lot of work, but if one falls or limits your reach at least you won’t lose everything.