Make sense of tools to help organize and grow your business.

With Tech for Non-Techies I will help you setup and learn to use tools such as WordPress, MailChimp, and Asana for your business.

Pick A Path


Organic Marketing

Learn MailChimp for newsletters and set up your account.
Understand how to use Facebook and Instagram with tips just for your business.
Extra tips, tools, and resources to make it easier to keep up with your social media content.

WordPress Blog Creation

Create a blog with WordPress and Divi (bonus paid builder).
Learn about affiliate marketing and how to use it with your blog.
How to use social media and in person groups to drive traffic.

Social Media Basics

How to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for your business.
How to create images in Canva and schedule posts in BufferApp.


Use Asana to organize your business.
Track your leads in the HubSpot CRM.
Integrations and other setups based on your needs.

ECommerce Setup with WordPress

First we cover WordPress basics.
Next we install Woocommerce and go through adding products, shipping, categories and more.
Lastly, we connect you store to Facebook and Instagram and cover tips and tools to promote your products.

SEO Basics, Analytics, and Google Search

Learn how to find the right keywords for your site, how to use the keywords effectively, and what else you can do to boost your Search Engine Optimization.
Learn how to understand your Google Analytics to improve your website.
Google has other tools including their Search Console and more to help support your business that we will cover.

Why I am different

I started learning how to use a computer at 13 and by 16 I was learning how to fix them and went on to start building desktops for myself and friends.
Technology has been rather easy for me to figure out.
Besides that, I’ve been in business for over 10 years and tried countless tools, techniques, and ideas out to find ones that work for not just myself but my clients.

Before I met Amanda, I was doing everything myself because I did not trust anyone with the task of designing or running my website for me… Which needless to say was a lot of work Amanda has helped me to better understand social media, marketing/advertising and about drawing more traffic to my website. She is very helpful and on point with what the site needs. Amanda gives honest and informative tips and advice on how to better my my website and services. She is ALWAYS available when needed and on time with tasks to be done. Amanda is a pleasure to work with! She keeps track of everything needed and ensures my site is always running smoothly. I am very pleased with the quality of her work and could not imagine running my site without her! Professional, honest, effective, and always on point. More importantly, she listens to what you want and brings your vision to life!

Rose of Mobile Pet S’Paw

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