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It’s that time of year again.

You know, the one where you get a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t actually want/need, nor will use?!

The best way to get around this is to make wish lists and gift guides like this one are here to help.

I didn’t have a guide like this to help me when I was 8 but I still happened to receive a book on making friendship bracelets and another on making beaded bracelets that launched my 20+ years of making jewelry. So don’t hesitate to introduce someone to something this fun!

The Etsy Gift Guide for Beaders

Beads and Findings

These beautiful purple (metallic plum) freshwater pearls would look amazing paired with crystals (like swarovskis)! The sparkle could blind.

SPARKLE! Who doesn’t need more sparkle?! These beautiful beads come in a few different sizes (and would look awesome displayed on your necklace bust below).

A nice cool blue aquamarine can be part of a winter line or a spring line depending on what you pair it with.

If you haven’t gotten the idea of how much I like sparkle yet then look no further. These paired with an antique gold could make a beautiful old looking piece, or paired with black they can look sophisticated and mysterious. Any colour can be paired differently to give off a whole new look and feel.

I know, I know! These labradorite beads don’t look all that sparkley but they are! They are facetted which allows the colours to come through and the edges to catch the light.

Some clasps, like this one, feel like they shouldn’t be hidden behind your neck. Maybe you can create a side design to incorporate these beautiful box clasp.

This box clasp would make a great focal on a bracelet!

I can’t help but think of icicles when I see the shape of these coated quartz beads but the colour is like peacocks or deep ice. These would look awesome as a crown!

Display and Storage Options

This 12″ Long Black Velvet 3-Tier Jewelry Display is perfect for keeping your jewelry organized and showing it off no matter where you place it.

Show off that prize necklace by displaying it proudly.

Ok this beading tray is awesome! I want this! That is all.

Of course an awesomely organization bead cupboard would be awesome but this would help turn a regular cupboard into an organized stash of beads! I am so loving this!

This case would be awesome for smaller bits of beads like gems and crystals.

Tools, Stringing Materials, and Other Useful Items

This multi-use glue is perfect for most projects. Open the windows when you use it though!

I haven’t tried S-Lon threads yet but I’ve heard good things so these are deffinitely on my wish list.

If you are like me and bend needles A LOT you will need as many on hand as you can get. These Miyuki beading needls come in packs of 6 needles and you get 4 packs so you should be good for awhile!.

If you are using thread (instead of Fireline) you may need to condition the thread to protect it from sharp edged beads and to help it move smoothly through beads many time. These little wax shapes are so freakin’ cute! I want the unicorn, the shell, the acorn, the leaf….you get the idea.

I have already purchased this waxed cord and it’s great! I can recommend this product without a doubt. This would be used with thicker beads and cord ends and would make great bracelets.

I don’t have this bead mat but after reading the description I’m quite interested. Whether you get this bead mat or another like a try, having a good beading surface will help keep your beads together so you aren’t chasing them around the table or floor.

I couldn’t possibly leave out my favourite stringing material. You will need wire cutters for Fireline but this strong, versatile thread can be used to make just about anything. It’s flexible and thin enough to do many rounds through beads. Fireline also comes in different colours now so you can match your project.

Of course, I could have added a ton more awesome items for beaders but you will just have to wait for a second post (my birthday is coming up after all!)

Do you have a favourite item or a wishlist item that you want your family and friends to consider for you this holiday season?